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D'morvie Suites

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Yacapin Cagayan de Oro City

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  • 856-9080

About D'morvie Suites

D'morvie Suites is a bugdet-friendly motel that welcomes travelers and visitors who are looking for an affordable place to stay in while in Cagayan de Oro. Even with limited budget, you'll get to enjoy the amenities that D'morvie suites is offering, which includes: air-conditioned room, private bathroom and toilet, cable TV, and free Wi-fi access.

D'morvie Suites has two branches here in Cagayan de Oro; one Lapasan and another along Yacapin Street. If you are from Bukidnon area, the Lapasan branch is the nearest. It is few streets away from Agora Terminal and jeepneys like RC (Gusa Liner) pass by along Lapasan road. For Yacapin branch, you can ride LA Jeepneys (Lapasan liner) from Agora terminal, which will take you to Yacapin street. Famous landmark near the Yacapin branch is the City Central School.

Available rooms are single, double, and deluxe.