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Nikon Cakes

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Business Details

Cruz Taal St., Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
8.478426240056619, 124.64391052722931

About Nikon Cakes

Nikon Cakes is without a doubt one of the best makers of cakes, cupcakes, and various pastries in Cagayan de Oro City. It is very popular among event organizers and party lovers because of its very creative and unique designs for cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other treats like cookies, polvoron, pretzels, and candies. Its official Facebook page and the gallery page on its website are replete with pictures of all the beautiful cakes and pastries Nikon Cakes has made for its customers.

What sets Nikon Cakes apart from the other bakery shops in the city is its bakers don't scrimp on ingredients, icing, and other cake decorations. It's very apparent when you look at their cakes, which are chock-full of detailed designs, edible flowers, toys, and other adornments customers may want on their cakes.

Speaking of customer requests, Nikon Cakes is very good at creating personalized cakes. Superheroes, cartoon characters, castles, pirate ships, cars, flowers galore—whatever concept and for whatever occasion the cakes are for, customers can always trust that their cakes will turn out beautifully. Most importantly, Nikon's cakes and pastries taste just as good as they look.

The store, located at 79 Cruz Taal St., CDO, also sells ready-made cake decorations and other baking materials and equipment. Nikon Cakes can also take care of the presentation and design for the cake and desserts table for parties and special events.