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Ororama Chain of Stores

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J.R. Borja St., 9000 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
8.477026569456042, 124.6493464708874

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About Ororama Chain of Stores

Ororama Chain of Stores: CDO's Pocket-Friendly Mall Stores
The name Ororama is considered synonymous to mura or affordable. Wherever there is an Ororama store, you can be sure that the households surrounding it and the neighborhoods nearby are its frequent customers. It seems that no matter where an Ororama store opens, it will eventually become a traffic and commercial hub. Customers and merchants alike will flock the place. The former are always drawn to the establishment's affordable goods, and the latter will want to set up shop inside or beside the building to take advantage of the high customer traffic. But what makes the Ororama Chain of Stores so attractive to Kagay-anons?
Affordable Goods and Services
The Ororama chain of stores has always been known as one of the most pang-masa establishments in the city. The goods sold in the department stores, supermarkets and supplies sections are very affordable. They feature local brands and even products that are produced by Ororama itself. While the prices of the meat, fish, and poultry are not as low as the ones sold in Cogon Market, but the payoff is worth the additional price. They also have imported sections too, for whenever customers want to try the pricier fare.
Reliable and Dependable
Shopping in Ororama offers comfort and product quality control. These stores are air-conditioned and the products they sell are monitored for quality, expiration dates, and so forth. This is why even though there are much cheaper options at Cogon Market, many people still prefer to buy from Ororama. It is much more comfortable and convenient to browse for meat and seafood in the wet section, for example. The goods are already cleaned and chopped, sliced, ground, diced, etc. All customers have to do is select, bag their choices, and have their prices calculated accurately by weight. This reputation of having some of the most affordable yet quality goods has always been the main attraction of any Ororama store, especially for high school students, college students, and single, young adults who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on groceries, clothes, shoes and other necessities. They can always find something excellent in much more affordable price ranges in any of Ororama's stores.
Convenient Locations
Another plus with the Ororama chain of stores is that they are always located at the most accessible and convenient locations that they have become the go-to establishments whenever one needs to buy a few grocery items. In Cagayan de Oro there are two Ororama malls in operation, one in Cogon and another in Carmen. These locations are very accessible by public transport. In fact they are along the main roads and have become popular stops and landmarks for jeepneys and motorelas. The stores are also near enough the neighborhoods. Customers can easily go there whenever they need something that they can't buy in the sari-sari store along their street. Lastly, customers can go to an Ororama store without feeling the need to dress up. It is so common to see shoppers wearing shorts, a T-shirt and slippers at the grocery store. All these qualities have endeared the Ororama stores to Kagay-anons. It has undoubtedly become one of the most essential commercial establishments for most families here in the city.