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Philippine Iron Construction & Marine Works, Inc.

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Main Office and Shipyard Resins Incorporated Compound Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

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About Philippine Iron Construction & Marine Works, Inc.

Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works, Incorporated or PICMW is a project management company focused on general, industrial and marine engineering. The company operates two facilities in the country and has its main office in Jasaan Misamis Oriental, in Northern Mindanao. Today the group continues to explore projects in various fields of engineering. The company is involved in the deployment of engineers overseas where it has partnered with several multinational engineering and construction firms. PICMW has supervisory and management personnel distributed throughout the world sharing and learning expertise in the field of project management. PICMW's history dates back to 1934 when Meneleo Carlos Sr. established a small company called Philight Incorporated. In 1955, it entered into equipment fabrication and together with the engineers of Resins Inc. assisted in the design and construction of its chemical facilities. In 1969 Resins Incorporated ventured into Mindanao. Realizing the potential growth of the region, PICMW also transferred its facilities to Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao. During this time, the company ventured into ship building as a pioneer shipbuilder. It expanded its capabilities through the years, not only in shipbuilding and ship repair, but also in steel fabrication and erection. Today, PICMW's shipyard in Mindanao operates the only syncrolift dry dock facility with a side transfer rail system in the Philippines. PICMW has a manpower complement consisting of multi-skilled officers and line managers in the field of civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and marine engineering, as well as a sizeable pool of more than three thousand highly experienced personnel. The thrust of PICMW is to build local engineering expertise & to bring these advantages to the project-planning table. By effectively managing these resources, PICMW offers to its customers saving as well as solutions to many engineering challenges.