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The Local Governance Regional Resource Center 10

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Local Governance Resource Center 10 DILG Region 10 Building, Masterson Avenue Km 3, Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
8.459776, 124.625001

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About The Local Governance Regional Resource Center 10

The LGRRC is the DILG's response to the growing demand for knowledge management in the area of local governance. As a local governance learning center, the LGRRC serves as a venue for knowledge exchange for, database of, exemplary practices, innovation, models, tools and knowledge products on local governance. VISION Local Governance Resource Center X: A catalyst for excellence in local governance through effective and efficient knowledge management. MISSION The Local Governance Resource Center X through its Multi-stakeholders Advisory Committee (MSAC) shall pursue knowledge creation, sharing, utilization, monitoring and evaluation to promote excellence in local governance. GOAL The Local Governance Resource Center 10 aims for transformation of LGUs and other stakeholders into knowledge-centric organizations. OBJECTIVES To develop knowledge products for our clientele To establish and strengthen our partnership among LGUs and various stakeholders – MSAC members To facilitate information sharing through appropriate Information Communication Technology (ICT) support and interventions To establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for Knowledge Management LGRRC offers the following services designed to support LGUs and other stakeholders in local governance: Technical assistance in utilizing and maximizing tools, systems and requirement such as the LGPMS, Rationalized Planning and CBMS. Linkages and technical support to LGU peer-ta-peer learning and replication program. Identification, documentation, and sharing of LGU nest practices Benchmarking LGU stat of local governance. LGU network building Updated LG knowledge products and technologies Availability of LGU best practices that are proven and rested solutions to common problems. Updated LGU profiles, elected officials and functionaries Linkages to pool of experts (individuals and institutions) and local resource institutions. Hosting and sponsoring of public forum and dialogues Publication of major LG events, activities, news and articles Access to Integrated Library Management System ILMS Source: